The company HADI in Amstetten

HADI Maschinenbau in Amstetten, Austria is an independent company, clearly structured and managed conservatively. All business shares are in one hand. The location in Amstetten is conveniently located on the motorway between Linz and Vienna. The nearest airport is Linz.

In 1961 HADI was founded. Company form is the GmbH (Ges.m.b.H.).

HADI mainly produces machines for the production of accumulators (lead batteries), occasionally also special machines for other areas.

In 2018 HADI Maschinenbau is in a good position and can look to the future with confidence. Special machines, such as die-casting machines for positive grids, casting machines for negative grids, paste filling machines for tube electrodes, complete production plants for plate production – and last but not least plants for environmentally friendly process water purification are stable pillars of current production and state-of-the-art.

All HADI machines are manufactured in accordance with the European standards in force in Austria and DE-certified.

Future-oriented technology: HADI

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